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the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind

As a human what am I?
what makes me different?
Ive lived this long with my own desires
but are they worth anything
what gives me worth?
when I pass the world will not hold my memory
Why do I continue?
I am many things to many people
sibling freind child cousin enemy
who am I to myself?
what impression have I left on this ever turning circle
how has my life been my own?
there are so many others who do what I do?
others with my name
others with my goals
there are so many others
how am I an individual
am I any different?

My individuality can not be expressed through my words
my music speaks beyond what I understand and touches my soul
I am succesful for myself
I hope others are touched as well

this is my individuality
-Courtland Rudolph Constantine Walters

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My goal through musical conversations is to play with as many different musicians as possible so I can get a handle on different styles and have fun while getting to know people who love music as much as I do!

Sir Cedric Epps is the most amazing pianist I have had the pleasure of working with. 90% of everything I know on piano I learned from him. You’ll notice he is beat boxing the whole time and I’m not even sure if he is aware of it. He is also a phenomenal drummer as well. I am sad that he has graduated but glad he can come back everyone once and a while to play with me. Sir Cedric Epps is a good friend and an Amazing musician! Thanks Cedric!!

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